Moving Ahead School of Scholars Learning Academy (MASS) has been severely impacted by the demolition of the Foote Homes housing development. The school will lose almost all of its students when students and their families are relocated from the area.  We regret that we do not have enough time to recruit new students from other areas to meet enrollment requirements.     

The mission of the school was to provide quality education for students in the community surrounding the school location.  The board and staff of MASS were overjoyed that students from the area enrolled and that the school’s high expectations, rigorous curriculum and behavior standards helped the students to make great progress.  Everyone is saddened that this opportunity has come to an end. 

MASS is executing a plan for an orderly completion of the school’s 2015-2016 affairs and ensures that all student records, school programs and financial matters will be concluded properly. 

We thank all of you for your support, your attendance at school events and your participation in the work of the school to make it a great place to learn.

It is hard to say goodbye to everyone, but, the hardest part is saying goodbye to our students.  They have touched our hearts and lives.  The board members and the school staff have grown so attached to them and we know that they will develop into amazing young people.  We will treasure memories of all of them and we wish them well as they enter new learning experiences.

Minds were challenged; futures were built.